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    Sanitary Ware series
    Water Inlet Valve
    Drain valve
    Water tank series
    Toilet Lid Cover series
    Other series
    Add:Chengbei Road,Zhangjiagang
      About Us

      Zhangjiagang Fenggang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is specialized in producing sanitary ware and its accessorries, having fixed assets of 6,000,000RMB and the first enterprise complied with IS09002 among the same industry.

      Fenggang Sanitary Co.,Ltd which consists of metalworking, rubber mixing, vulcanization, injection, assembly plant and product function testing room has advanced producing equipment and strong technical skills. Implementing one-stop service of producting, supplying and selling, with an annual output of various tank accessries 500 thousand sets and other series 200 thousand sets. Products sell sell all over China. Tank accessories products which tested by State Building Materials Bureau Accessory Quality Inspection Center are in line with GB8219-87, JC707-1997 standard for 12 years running. Performance is in the leading level. It was awarded as promoting product of scientific and technological achievements by Ministry of Construction in1993 , at the same year awarded Silver by Jiangsu Science and Technology Fair, specified using product in Shanghai. In 1995, it was designated as management enterprise of producing sanitary ware accessories by Ministry of Construction and National Building Materials Bureau. In order to better meet perfectionist pursuit of high quality of life needs in modern city, we adapt leading technology and develop high-quality sanitary ware. to allows you to enjoy every day.

      Infinite business opportunities, focusing grasp. Fenggang products will create glory of the new century with you. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit!

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